Everyday festival fashion

Feature writer, Charlotte, shares her tips for bringing festival style into your everyday wardrobe.

Now that we are parents, festivals are, for the majority of us, a distant memory. That amazing chilled vibe, making friends with complete strangers and of course, the fun of getting dressed. Yes, our evenings spent swaying and dancing until the wee hours in the chill out tent are long gone.

But fear not mummies because, although there is very little sun in the sky and the opportunity to ‘chill out’ is limited, we can still make every day ‘Festival Chic’. It is super easy to achieve this look and it will add a sparkle to your day, whether you are cleaning the house, doing the food shop or heading out for a walk in the park.


The basics are:

  • This season’s pastel colours.
  • Layering. Think powder blue floating over baby pink with a pale lemon jean.
  • A head-piece, such as a golden braid or a hair plait adorned with flowers.
  • Rock chic jewellery, to toughen up this girlie look. Spikes, chains and studs in thick gold are ideal.

And finally:

  • The ‘sloppy joe’ bag. The bigger the better. This is key in getting the festival trend spot-on and happily it works well as a nappy bag too!

You can wear these items all together or just rock one or two at a time. The main thing is that you are injecting a bit of fun and sun into your daily life. The second that braid hits my forehead, I don’t care if it’s bucketing it down. I am just a little bit more cool and I feel better somehow.

The other great thing about this trend is that you can dress each item up or down as you see fit. Just because the sun has disappeared doesn’t mean we can’t pretend! Stick on some pastels and get dancing down to the supermarket!

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