‘Mini me’ style

Feature writer, Louisa, takes a fun look at how mums can coordinate with their kids’ style this summer.

Mini me style

At some point, most mothers will choose to dress their children in clothes that they could only get away with as a result of the children being small and not old enough to care or say no! If you haven’t dressed your little one in a Santa or pumpkin outfit, you have at least thought about it.  It’s all harmless fun so why not make the most of it while you still can.  What better way to do this than dressing them up as a miniature version of yourself, or at the very least, coordinating your outfits.

Here are some items I picked out to help create your very own ‘mini me’.

French Connection dress
Zara bag
ASOS sunglasses

Next dress

Next t-shirt
Next chinos

+Louisa Bell

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