Quirky clothing for stylish babies

Feature writer Gemma shares her favourite quirky babywear items with us.

Funky baby wear article

A few weeks back I did a post showing what I think to be the cutest and sweetest baby clothing around at the moment. We had traditional pinks and blues, and simple easy to wear styles.

But, not everyone wants to dress their little ones in ‘cute, traditional’ clothing. With so many stylish mums and dads out there, it’s only natural that your children become an extension of that style. If you, as a parent, are up to date with latest trends and are more quirky with your fashion sense it’s only right that your children are in on the act!

Above are my top picks for your funky monkeys!

All-in-one and ‘I Rock’ top from Oh! Baby London, bottles and beaker from Elodie Details, bibs from Skibz, shoes from Inch Blue, dress and romper from Toby Tiger.

I also love the colours and patterns of Danish brand Molo. Their ad campaigns are always impeccably, if a little outrageously styled, but I think their mini models look adorable.

So, how do you dress your little ones? Do you prefer traditional styles and colours or the more loud-and-proud look?

+Gemma Barry

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