A simple step to stylish comfort

Comfort, as a mother, is key. Charlotte takes you through her a simple way to do comfort with style.


Looking forward to the end of the day when you can shrug off work or supermummy duties and relax in front of the TV with a well earned glass of wine. You can hang up your cape, slip off the high heels and chuck on whatever happens to be hanging around the bedroom.  But having worn the same the baby sick / food / dribble stained pair of pyjama’s for a week you may stop feeling comfortable and just start feeling a bit yucky.

Hence my search for a stylish alternative and the discovery of the slouch pants.  Not only are they delightfully comfortable, but depending on the style you go for they can also be fabulously stylish too. Some of the styles you could even wear out, on an actual date night or girly evening – and you would still be comfortable!

Comfort, as a mother, is key. And lucky us, because the Autumn/Winter 2012 collections have comfort in mind with loose harem or slouch pants. Are they pyjama’s or trousers? Who knows, and who cares because they look gorgeous. The come in many styles, bold prints, super-wide, slightly tapered and boyfriend fit, with stockists ranging from Mango to Matalan.

Worn with a simple t-shirt , strappy camisole or loose-fit top, you can rock the sofa looking laid back yet stylish in one fell swoop.  And if you have a babysitter, then no need to change – simply pop on your (sensible three inch) heels and you are ready for your night out. 

From comfy casual mummy to sexy sensational mummy in one second flat.

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