Starting school style

Feature writer Louisa shares her favourite starting school style picks from Tesco and Asda. Great choices that won’t break the bank!

Starting school style

Whether it’s your baby’s first day of school or first day back at school, it is an exciting time for us mummies. It means we have some guilt free time on our hands to use for work or play, and gives us some well deserved freedom.

Before we get too excited though, we must make sure our bundles of love are sent out into the big wide world looking smart, presentable and ready to take on anything.

Here are some ideas for staple items needed for school. Chosen from Asda and Tesco, you can pop them in your trolley before getting the groceries, saving you time and few pennies. What’s not to like?



Starting school style


Most of these items can be found in a range of colours, with different styles to take you from summer right through to the winter months.



Starting school style


Choosing a school bag and lunch box will most likely be more important to them than what they are wearing! There is no shortage of choice so there should be something to satisfy your child’s taste. The ones I’ve chosen are from Asda, but Tesco also have a wide selection available.

Once you have everything they need, all you have to do is send them off with a smile and a wave goodbye, saving any tears for when you are out of sight. Good luck ladies!

+Louisa Bell

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  1. LolaB_StyleMe says:

    Most of the bags and lunch boxes are more than half price now. Just got the Fireman Sam one for £1.50 today :)

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