Stuck in a style rut

Feature writer Louisa shares her tips for getting out of those dreaded style ruts.

Mummy make over style

We can all be guilty of wearing the same clothes over and over again. When you find your trusted staple items, it is easy to stick with what you know and very hard to let go of pieces that essentially act as a security blanket. The thought of updating your wardrobe or trying a new style can be daunting if you just don’t know where to begin.

Here I offered my styling services to the lovely Maria, a mother of two, who had found herself stuck in a style rut. It was important to her that we found items that could be versatile and which she could incorporate into her existing wardrobe. So we hits the shops and after trying different colours, patterns, shapes and styles, we pieced together a new look for her.


Stuck in a style rut


Stuck in a style rut

I’m sure you will all agree that the result shows a fab and funky Maria. By putting her in something that is fitted, she looks like she has dropped a dress size and adding some colour keeps the look fun.

We added a black jumper for her AFTER look but also picked up some different coloured and textured t-shirts to change up the look.

Here are some tips to help you out of your style rut:

  1. We all need a little help at times and if you can’t afford a celebrity stylist then why not try to enlist the help of a fashion forward friend. You may also find some sales assistants are more than happy to help you put outfits together.
  2. Magazines can provide a great source of inspiration, as can outfits you see on people on the street.
  3. Have a list of items that you need then you can coordinate any impulse buys around them.
  4. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and pick up something you would never usually wear. Things often look different on the hanger than they do on. Go on, you might surprise yourself!
  5. Make sure you will get wear out of any new styles that you try. Whilst you may find the latest Jeffery Campbell heels irresistible, they are not ideal for playing in the sand at your local park, so make sure your new style works with your daily schedule.

Have fun with your clothes. You have nothing to lose but you stand to gain a whole new, sexy, confident and fabulous new you!

+Louisa Bell

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  1. hayles83 says:

    looks amazing, wheres the jacket and shoes from please?

  2. Lara Crisp says:

    What a transformation – she looks amazing!

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