Yummy mummy footwear

Do you find yourself continually having to make compromises when shopping for shoes? Have a look at some of the suggestions below to add some trendy practicality to your wardrobe!

For me, one of the best things about being a woman is the variety of different styles of shoes that we have to choose from. Unfortunately, unless you have the superhuman ability to chase after your child in five inch stilettos a la Victoria Beckham, then you may have to consider altering your choice in shoes slightly.

By adapting the style of your heel in the name of practicality (yes there’s that word again!) you can look just as fashionable as ever in your yummy mummy footwear.

Here are a few different styles I found at Office which offer something for everyone, depending on your agility in challenging heel heights:

On the other hand if you could run the 100m hurdles in the highest stilettos around, then don’t hang them up just yet. I salute you!

+Louisa Bell

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