Clever ways to keep a family home tidy

Children can be messy creatures, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on having a tidy house once the kids come along.


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Although children might not be naturally tidy, if you give children enough storage space and help them to learn how to keep things tidy as they go along, you can avoid ever having to have those dreadful parent-child confrontations over a messy bedroom.


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One way to help keep a busy household tidy is to instil a routine for the kids every time they come into the house. Teach them not to throw their coats and hats on the floor; give them their own peg on the wall or in the coat cupboard. Make it easier for little ones by giving them their own set of coat pegs which are fixed at a child-friendly height so that they can get used to putting things away for themselves. Similarly if you have a shoe store, assign a shelf for each family member so that they have no excuse for leaving their shoes anywhere else.

As for their bedrooms, it’s not always easy to create storage space, but there are some great pieces of furniture that can make storage look attractive as well as being really practical. GLTC has a great article on its blog which demonstrates different storage solutions for households with kids and the images show just how attractive storage shelves and drawers can be.


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Open wooden shelves with canvas baskets are a really practical choice for kids of all ages. Toddlers and younger kids tend to have lots of big toys that wouldn’t fit in conventional drawers, so using the canvas containers for these means less stuff being left out on the floor. And as they get older and have less bulky belongings, you can always reassign some of the canvas boxes for clothing instead. If your kids share a room, you can share out a large shelving unit between them, so they retain their own sense of space. A healthy sense of competition about keeping their space the tidiest might develop if you’re lucky!

The great thing about using wooden shelves with canvas drawers is that you can let the kids choose the drawers that they like and then as their tastes change, all you have to do is replace the drawers. There are so many different designs to choose from including bright and bold primary colours, pretty pastels, stripes and stars, and different animal prints that, whatever your child’s into, you’ll find a design to suit them.


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Another clever use of space is to buy underbed storage drawers which could be used to keep clothing, extra bedding or toys and games in. By having extra storage space under the bed, you free up the floor space in their rooms for the kids to play on. Bookshelves above the bed can also add useful storage and means that their favourite reads will be easily to hand at bedtime. Today, there are some really attractive bookshelves out there. They come in all shapes and sizes from those classic and timeless designs which will last a whole childhood to bookcases for younger children which are shaped like a doll’s house or fire engine.

By giving children their own storage, and teaching them how to use it well, you’ll save them (and yourself) hours of time during their childhood that would otherwise have to be spent tidying up the mess!

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