5 ways to smarten the outside of your home

Unless you’re a professional painter or decorator, it’s a tough challenge to get your home looking like it’s been freshly painted, and appearing like the tidiest on the street (useful if you’re in selling mode).

So, we’ve spoken to our friends in Estate Agent land, and they’ve offered five ways which can help achieve a more stylish looking, and valuable, home:

Manage the garden

Gardening may seem quite boring, but it makes a huge difference to your homes visual appearance. Looking after a garden doesn’t have to be as tedious as you may expect. Certain flowers require less attention than others and these can be used to spectacular effect. Additionally, it isn’t too much effort to regularly mow the lawn either; better still find a lovely young neighbour who needs some extra pocket money.

Painting windows, doors and even roofs

Ensuring your windows and doors match is a great way of making your home look both modern and professional. Using the right paint is important, as you’ll want it to look like it’s been freshly painted for as long as possible. This is also an excellent opportunity to add a little of your own personality into the home by choosing colours that mean something to you. Bizarrely, paint can also be used to help maintain your roof, keep it waterproof and protect it from the elements. Roof paints from companies such as Rawlins Paints offer plenty of choice.

Pave over the driveway

Paving a driveway makes it a much more manageable space and can significantly increase the value of your home. This is especially true for areas where parking space is at a premium.

Make sure the fittings fit

fittings such as door knobs and window sills ought to fit the period of the properties building and style. For example, if the window sills were supposed to be wooden, ensure that they are. This will make sure that the house sits right aesthetically and doesn’t look like it is out of time. Make sure everything is in the character of the home.

Further development

See what kind of planning permission you require to add some new additions to your home, such as a summer house for the garden or conservatory adjoining your property. Summer houses (aka what used to be referred to as a shed) are now hugely popular in the UK, with more women than men buying these add-on’s to gain more space for hobbies, work, or pleasure. Any investment is highly likely to pay off in your favour.

Having a home that looks in top condition will have the effect of being a more pleasant space to occupy as well as impressing potential buyers in the future.

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