6 perfect presents for newlyweds

Finding the right present for a newlywed couple can prove challenging. This is especially the case when you’re trying to buy for a couple that haven’t offered any inclination as to what they would like to receive through a bridal registry or some alternative to one. You don’t want your gift to clash with another, and be sidelined in the corner following the honeymoon. Fortunately there’s a lot of scope to be creative with wedding gifts. Here are six of the most perfect presents for newlyweds (personalisation is the key):

Personalised wedding wine box:

The success of this present obviously depends on who is going to be receiving it. The personalised wine box entails a selection of wines with a date to open each bottle on, for example a bottle for the one year anniversary, the five year anniversary and the ten year anniversary. It has the added virtue of intimating that you have faith in the couple’s longevity too!

DSLR Camera:

A camera manages to say that you want to be part of the newlywed couple’s life as well as suggesting that their honeymoon will be worth documenting. An excellent addition is to include a WIFI accessible memory card which will enable immediate social media uploads!

Personalised photo print:

A canvas print offers a couple a classy alternative to the traditional framed photograph, and can be both a celebration of the couple’s relationship as well as your relationship with the couple. Now that photo canvas printing by Helloprint is readily available you have a fantastic opportunity to offer a well-tailored gift.

Countertop garden:

A countertop garden is a necessary addition to any modern couple’s kitchen. It allows them to grow their own or nurture those they’ve bought. Additionally you can be sure of a dinner party invite!


Only opt for art is you are sure that you know the couple’s taste as well as you know your own. Buying the wrong art for someone will never go down well. Every couple should be encouraged to begin a journey of art collection together. You could also create something yourself for the couple, if you have the skills of course.

Personalised ceramics:

The final personalisation in this list, ceramics have a kind of permanence that a lot of other mediums fail to offer which is why it is quite a common theme to wedding presents. The personalisation aspect is what will make your gift stand out that bit more than others.

Once you’re done with the stress and anxiety of finding a fantastic gift for your newlywed friends you can get ready to enjoy their special day with them.

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