Smart casual – a new look in my repertoire

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans, right? They are the staple of your wardrobe. They’re great for jumping around with the kids, but can also be perfect for work!


Smart casual is a new look I’m enjoying. As a Digital Marketer, I visit client sites daily so I have to look quite smart. But my office is a cool ‘co-working’ environment, so I also have to look quite fashionable. The answer: smart casual jeans from our friends @ Repertoire Fashion.

Repertoire Fashion were looking for some mums to trial some product’s, and they suggested the Armani Stretch Skinny jeans, which I have to say are just perfect.

The jeans are skinny stretch, so they’re seriously comfy. But they’re also great quality, which means they should cope with the ‘constantly being on your knees, picking up children’s’ LEGO’ scenario, which most mums will relate to. Cheap jeans seem to wear so quickly – ‘buy cheap, buy twice’.

Repertoire Fashion can be quite expensive, but they have amazing sales throughout the year – my jeans are now half price. Yay! They also value customer feedback, so they go out of their way to deliver amazing customer service, and they offer fab discount codes for customers who like & share them on Social Media. So, it’s 5/5 stars from me for Repertoire Fashion; a positive experience throughout. Thanks Repertoire x


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