How to Design Your Dream Kitchen

A great kitchen is far more than a functional space. It’s the heart of the home and should be a welcoming retreat for family and friends. If your kitchen is looking tired and uninspired, it could be time for a makeover.

Overwhelming as it may seem, designing a new kitchen is surprisingly easy when you have the right mindset. There are plenty of decisions to make, but you’ll want to consider all the options before getting started. Here’s a handy guide on how to make your dream kitchen a reality.


Arguably the most important feature of any kitchen, it’s important to be selective when choosing cabinets. After all, they take up the most space and keep all the clutter hidden away. Try to be unique when selecting materials for an unconventional look that is guaranteed to impress.

Fumed oak is a good choice and can be finished depending on your taste. If you prefer a modern interior, cover it with high-gloss lacquer. For a more traditional approach, simply keep it matte with a slight brushed affect.


Once you’ve decided on your cabinets, you’ll be ready to pick the most fitting countertops. Always go for a durable material which should keep its appeal for years to come. Honed granite is one such option and highly recommended if you’re on a limited budget. This low-sheen surface has no reflection, making it the perfect choice for that rustic and chic kitchen. For continuity, always use the same material as the countertop for a splash back.


Kitchen fixtures

Transform your kitchen into a contemporary oasis by replacing all of your old fixtures with stainless steel alternatives. Even for those who don’t appreciate the modern look, it pairs surprisingly well with an array of colours and kitchen fittings. Not only versatile, this hardwearing material should last a lifetime. Opt for smudge-proof and fingerprint-free steel for sinks and faucets. It requires less cleaning — an essential for any busy family.


A show-stopping kitchen shouldn’t just look great, it should save you money, and consider the environment. A makeover is the perfect opportunity to do away with inefficient appliances. When you’re looking for a new fridge, freezer or dishwasher, always be willing to pay a little extra for the top energy-rated appliances.

You’ll be surprised at the cost-cutting impact, where an A+ rated electric oven actually uses 40% less energy than the B-rated equivalent. This more than justifies the initial outlay on those premium-quality products. You can reduce water consumption as well by installing a smart, more efficient kitchen faucet. Implementing these small changes and you’ll make a sizeable difference in the long term.



Proper lighting will work wonders for the appearance of a kitchen. Fortunately, new advances in technology make it easier than ever to install a dazzling array of lights. Coming in all shapes and sizes, enhanced LED bulbs can add warmth and character to an otherwise boring space. Place these little gadgets under counters and in cabinet interiors to convey an impression of depth.

Follow this guide and you’ll create a kitchen to be proud of. Of course, it won’t be possible without some hard work and a little expense, but the results will be more than worth it.

Images by Kendyl Young, nosha and hnnbz, used under Creative Commons licence 

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