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If your loved ones have a baby on the way, it can tricky to figure out the perfect gift for them. There’s nothing as special as a new-born baby, so it can be hard to find a gift that matches the sense of occasion. This guide has been written for parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and anyone else who wants to find the best, most unique gift for their little loved ones.

Gold or silver coins

Silver Coins

For an extra special gift, you may like to buy the baby-to-be a commemorative gold or silver coin from the year of their birth. Gold and silver coins are very valuable and can serve as a financial investment as well as a lifelong keepsake. If you’d like the gift to serve as a commemorative keepsake, then you’re probably best to go for silver coins, as they are less expensive and you can choose from a slightly wider variety of designs – even a Godfather coin like the one above (which is perfect if you’re the baby’s actual godfather!). If you want to spend a little more money, then a gold coin may be a good idea. The best thing about gold coins is that they maintain their value – and even grow in value over time. So a gold coin could even serve as the beginning of an investment portfolio for the baby – getting them off to a great start!

Image: Silver Coins from London Gold Bullion

Personalised baby shoes

Personalised Baby Shoes

It might seem like a small gift, but personalised shoes can serve as a lovely piece of memorabilia. When the baby grows up, they can keep the shoes as a reminder that they were once small enough to wear them. Making special memories like this is key most of the best baby gifts. There are many companies that make personalised shoes with a baby’s name embroidered along them, so keep a look out for one that takes your fancy.

Image: Personalised Shoes from John Lewis

Savings or investment contribution

Savings Contribution

In a similar vein to the gold coins, it’s a great idea to start up or contribute to the baby’s savings account. Whether it’ll help them go to university, travel the world, or pay a deposit on a house, starting a savings account or investment portfolio early could make all the difference. So, if you’ve always been more of a practical gift giver, it’s a brilliant idea to either transfer money into a savings account for the little one or perhaps even buy them a few bonds or make other low-risk investments in their name.

Image: Investments

Adjustable bracelet

Adjustable Bracelet

It’s a great idea to get a silver bracelet that can grow as the baby grows into a child, a teenager, then an adult. There are various kinds of bracelets with different ingenious designs that allow them to change their size and/or shape over time. There is something very special about presenting someone with a bracelet that grows up with them. There is an example of a silver bracelet above, but there are various metals and designs to choose from. If you find the right piece, you’re giving the baby something special they can cherish for their entire life.

Image: Adjustable silver bracelet from Silvertime

A personalised book

A personalised book

If you’re especially creative and have access to someone who’s great at drawing, you could write and illustrate a book especially for the baby, including the people they know in the story. There are many independent book printers who can print off a copy for much less than you’d expect! As they grow up they’ll be amazed that they have a story book with their parents or perhaps their pets in it. However, if writing your own children’s book isn’t really part of your skillset, then you can buy some incredible personalised books where you add in the child’s name and other details about them and they print off a brilliant-looking book that the baby can keep cherish as they grow up.

Image: Personalised book from

Professional baby photography session

Professional baby photography session

This present is more for the parents than for the baby, but when they grow up they might appreciate some professional photographs of themselves when they were very young. Look through a variety of local photographers until you find the right one. Ask them directly if they have experience photographing babies; the size and detail of a new-born baby is something not every photographer is used to capturing and finding the right photographer could make all the difference. In the age of smartphones, there are hundreds of baby pictures taken, so there’s something very special about high-quality, professional photos.

Personalised baby birthday print or cross stitch

Personalised baby birthday print or cross stitch

It’s also a great idea to get a print or cross stitch with personal details about the baby, including their name, their date of birth, their parents’ names, the colour of their hair (if they have hair yet), etc. You can order these kinds of bespoke art from numerous different websites, but Etsy is probably your best bet. Search through the different artists for a while until you find the style you like. Then message the artist directly. Etsy is full of incredibly talented people, so you’re sure to find a style that takes your fancy.

Image: Personalised cross stitch from ClimbingGoatDesigns’ Etsy page

Novelty or personalised colouring books

Novelty or personalised colouring books

Lastly, if you like your presents to contain a bit of humour, it might be a good idea to get the baby a funny colouring book. There is literally an unending supply of themed colouring books on the internet,but this My First Meme colouring book is particularly funny: it has outlines of all of the internet’s most famous memes for the baby to colour in once they get a little older. Not only will the parents find this funny, but internet memes are a sort of time capsule of internet culture, so it’ll give you something to talk about with the baby, once they’re old enough. It might also be a great idea to design a personalised colouring book with outlines of the baby’s parents, pets, you, and anything else they might recognise.

Image: Image from My First Meme colouring book

And that’s all the gift ideas I have time for you in this guide. I hope a few readers have found one or two great ideas for the perfect baby gift, or that it has at least got some of you thinking creatively!

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