Mens Fashion This Summer

What the man in your life wearing this summer? Is he on trend? Is he stuck in the 90’s? Is he looking older than he should be? Does he look like a Grandad instead of a Dad? We look at some of the hot trends for Mr this summer.



2017 is the year of the skinny, slightly shrunken suit. Single breasted, one button, high thin lapels, and no excess fabric ensures the lines are perfectly streamlined – making him look a million dollars. Blacks and blues remain good choices for suits. Size and good fit is the key to getting it right.

Wear with a simple cotton white or pale blue shirt. Focus on size and collar style. Know your collar size and stick to it – if it’s too big you’ll drown, too small and you’ll look like you’ve picked up your kids school shirt. For a collar that always works, choose the Windsor. It is cut at an angle, allowing enough space for the tie, but also looks modern without a tie and the top button undone.

Smart Casual

We’re still loving the suit jacket and chino / jeans combo for 2017. But this year go bold on the suit colour. Bold electric blue jacket, dressed with a white shirt or simple plain white or grey t-shirt is a big hit.

Match with white trainers. Like no other footwear, trainers shout urban cool. That’s why they need an elegant opposite – a sharply cut jacket paired with skinny fine chinos, will work perfectly with low-key sneakers.

This look benefits from him having a tan, so you might have to go on a sun drenched holiday to complete this look.


For the timeless easy wear look, you cant go wrong with t-shirts and sweat pants. But look for bold prints and creative patterns. Look for brands that represent the tribe you belong to. World heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, has really put cool into the trending Urban Armour brand, like no golfer ever could. Elsewhere, Gaz from Geordie Shore is fronting the 11 degrees clothing range of cool casuals.

Whatever your age, whatever your budget – there’s a look for you this summer. Our advice, know your tribe and follow what those rocking your tribe are wearing. But most importantly, wear clothes that fit. Just for fun, here’s a neat reminder of the evolution of British Fashion for Men. It’s amazing how cyclical fashion can be.


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