The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Everybody grows up wanting to have the perfect wedding day.


This helpful checklist will walk you through the necessities to do, when planning the perfect wedding. This wonderful checklist from Cap Marquees will take you through the whole journey from 16 months before the wedding all the way to the big day.

Important Tasks

When planning a wedding there will be extremely important jobs to do such as booking an officiant, deciding on a budget, this is one of the first tasks you should do, as your whole wedding is going to be revolved about how much you are going spend. Another job which is very important would be obvious things such as booking a venue, finding the perfect dress and obtaining you marriage licence.

Less Important Tasks

Now onto the not so important jobs yet still very important, booking your photographer is a must, ordering invitations, you should probably plan this quite early as you would ideally want to send these out a few months before the big day, just so you know how many people will be attending the wedding. Another job would be to plan your honeymoon, the reason I have put this on the not very important section, is because you can plan this after the wedding but just to be a bit more prepared you can plan it before. This way you can leave directly after the wedding.

Please see the wonderful infographic to see loads more jobs to do to make sure that you and your partner have the perfect day.


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