Vintage Engagement Rings

Looking for that perfect ring can be a confusing time for any potential groom


Finding that perfect engagement ring is a challenge not to be taken lightly. If you’re after something with a little more character, this guide about Vintage engagement rings from Berganza will help you find the right one.

First things first – start by talking to your fiancé, as it will reveal what she really wants. She may surprise you and want a classic Edwardian ring – think Lady Mary Crawley from Downtown Abbey. Or, your wife-to-be may be a more classic bride seeking the perfect Victorian ring; after all she is your queen of your heart so of course she is worthy of a Queen Victoria influenced ring.

Whatever type of woman she is Berganza will likely have a vintage engagement ring to suit. But always remember, this is a time of celebration, so embrace the decision – whatever type you choose.


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