Top Nursery Trends You Should Know About In 2018

When you first find out that you are pregnant and expecting a little one, it’s an exciting, overwhelming, and beautiful moment. As the news starts to sink in, that’s when parents-to-be start to think about the many preparations they need to get started on. One of the main tasks is to set-up a nursery that will be perfect for their little one. It needs to contain all the important items, plus parents want to make the space special and inviting for their baby.

If you’re in the process of setting up a nursery right now, you may be interested to learn about these top trends that are popping up for 2018.

Nursery Furniture Sets



This first trend is not only stylish but as an added bonus, it makes your life a whole lot easier. Nursery sets are yet again proving to be extremely trendy. You can look into two-piece and three-piece nursery furniture sets to fill up the baby’s room. With the two-piece sets, you typically get a chest of drawers or wardrobe and cot. The three-piece set typically includes the cot, chest of drawers, and a wardrobe.

What makes the chest of drawers in these sets so functional is the fact they usually double as a change table as well.

Another furniture trend for 2018 is the use of grey furniture. Look for soft dove grey, slightly weathered-looking pieces, and you’ll be right on trend.

Unexpected Wall Colours and Coverings


When you think of a nursery, most people are quick to think of the standard colours of pale blue, green, yellow, or pink. While those colours are still sticking around, it seems as though they may be taking a back seat to bolder, brighter, more unexpected looks.

One of the top trends this year is introducing colours and prints to a nursery through the use of wallpaper, paint, and decals. To make the room even trendier, steer clear of the typical nursery room looks and opt for things such as geometric prints, tropical designs, and even colour blocking. There is a real blending and mixing of colours popping up, giving babies more interest and variety in their rooms.

The goal is that you’re creating more than just a nursery. Rather, it is a space your child can grow into so it’s not overly childish.

Big Bold Bedding


Bedding is another area that you can get trendy. Again, it’s out with the basic pastel neutrals and in with bright bold colours and prints. For some people, it is much easier to start with the cot sheets and then coordinate the rest of the room around that look, whereas others prefer to leave the sheets as the last touch in decorating.

A Space that is Inviting, Unexpected, and Trendy

Whether you choose to pick up on just one trend or a mix and match a few, these tips will help you to create a nursery that is inviting, unexpected, and ultra-trendy for your little one.

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