5 Products to Help Tame Unruly Hair

Finding the perfect products to work for your hair can be challenging, particularly if you are suffering from common issues such as hair loss. However, there are some form of hair loss that cannot be treated with a few simple changes, therefore a treatment such as a hair transplant may be better suited to restore the hair line and promote natural growth.

With the hair transplant cost Turkey being more than reasonable, you can have your hair looking healthy, regardless of the extent of your hair loss. If you are lucky enough to not be suffering from hair loss but are experiencing breakage and frizz, we have compiled a list of 5 hair products that you can use to help tame your unruly hair.

Frizz Defence Mask

A heat defence mask is something that you cannot live without when you suffer from frizzy hair as this will help to nourish the hair and keep it tamed throughout the day as soon as you come out of the shower. This mask can be applied to the whole head and left for 20-30 minutes to help repair the hair and tame frizz all at once. This moisturising affect is exactly what your hair needs to tame frizz and keep every little hair in place.

Styling Creme

A styling creme can be applied to the hair when wet and can help to maintain the hold and tame fizz when it comes to styling your hair. This is a crucial step when caring for your hair as this helps to keep everything in place as well as add shine and moisture.

Micro-Fibre Towel

Another hair tool that will help to tame unruly hair is a microfibre towel. This will help to soak up the moisture in the hair without striping the hair, leaving it with a healthy shine. This will help to tame frizz as you are not drying out the hair or adding static as a result. There are a number of microfibre towels that you can purchase both online and in store that will give you the drying properties that you required without stripping the hair in its entirety.

Oil Mist

By adding an oil mist into your routine, you can add moisture to the hair and help to tame frizz. By using this as a final step, you can add shine to the hair and help to tame baby hairs around the hair line. This specific hair product can be bought in a drug store or in a supermarket and tame the hair with ease. In addition to this, you can make your own using coconut oil and water to leave that same natural shine.

Restore and Repair Shampoo

The final step is probably the most crucial and that is the shampoo and conditioner that you are using. Though it may seem tempting to use a moisturising shampoo at this point, there are a number of specialist shampoos that are specifically designed for tame frizz and reduce the effects of split ends and help to tame frizz. Whether you get a shampoo that is recommended by a medical professional or you opt for one with impressive reviews online, this can help to revolutionise the way your hair looks.

Whether you opt for a brand-new shampoo or you implement hair oils and other serums to help tame your hair, you can be sure that you will see the results within the first few months of using these products.


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