How to backup data so you never lose a baby photo again!

Perminder Tung hit the headlines lately as the Dad who is suing Apple after his Time Capsule hard drive crashed wiping all of his data including photos of the birth of his first child. Here are our top tips to keep your data (and baby photos!) safe.

5 top tips to back up your important data
  1. Multiple backups
  2. Make an online backup
  3. Store a backup remotely
  4. Use your backup correctly
  5. Understand which files you need to backup

Multiple backups

The main rule of backing up your data is this: Any important data should exist in two or more places. When making a backup, you should have the original file on your computer or laptop, a backup on an external source (external hard drive, USB stick, CD or disk etc) and even a further backup else where to keep your data safe. Multiple backups means extra security.

Make an online backup

Backing up your files on an online source is attractive to many people and businesses as it allows access to the files from any computer. If your computer is infected by a virus or breaks, you can still get access to all of your important data from another device. There are many options and services to choose from when backing up online, some free and some paid for. Do your research before backing up online to choose the one most suitable to your needs.

Store a backup remotely

If you’ve chosen just to back up your files offline using external sources, store one or two copies away from the others. If you’re backing up files in an office, keep a copy of the backup in your home and vice versa. This means your files will be secured in case of flood, fire or theft.

Use your backup correctly

When making a back up remember to use your backup sources correctly. A back-up external hard drive is a just that, not a storage device! Don’t assume just because your file is now on a backup device that you can delete the original/any other copy. This is the key mistake Perminder Tung made! A backup exists as more than one copy!

Understand which files you need to backup

Think about which files you need to backup. Some people may backup their entire computers whereas others pick and choose what is important to them to keep.

Documents: You should backup your documents folder at regular intervals
Music: If you often buy MP3’s back them up. If you use iTunes, remember to include the iTunes folder as well
Photos and images: Possibly the most devastating thing to lose, photos and videos of family should always be backed up.
Any other important files: Anything else you consider to be important to you should be backed up.

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Photography: Dean Wissing @Flickr

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