Michelle Obama is on Pinterest!

Michelle Obama joins Pinterest and starts a board for Father’s Day!

MIchelle Obama joins Pinterest

Michelle Obama has achieved over 1200 followers on Pinterest within four hours of pinning her first image to her Father’s Day board. She already has over 1 million followers on twitter and over 7 million likes on her Facebook page.

So far she has created a board for Father’s Day and Great Memories. In ‘Around the White House’, you can see her with her home grown vegetable patch!

There are thousands of photos of Samantha Cameron on Pinterest but she has yet to set up her own account. We would love to see pictures of her with the kids and of course the Prime Minister at No. 10. Whose board would you follow on Pinterest and why?

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  1. Nana Kwame says:

    i love to bee in usa with them too

  2. Nana Kwame says:

    I love all the laws in uas expect the law of gay married as African i do not understand it

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