Top 5 Tech Gifts for Dad

Every boy has dreamed of superhero powers at least once in his life. High tech gadgets and gizmos are in some ways the adult alternative to x-ray vision, invisibility cloaks and super human strength. So for Father’s Day we’ve listed our top 5 gadgets to indulge the real superman in your family.


1. Superfast Data Dad

A superfast 4G mobile broadband network and IPhone 5. The ultimate gift for a dad who loves his high tech gadgets has to be an ultra-fast 4G mobile connection. Currently EE are the only mobile operator to offer 4G and they promise between 8Mbps and 12 Mbps. These speeds will make it easier for Dad to use video, maps and sat-nav tools on his new IPhone, so he never gets bored or lost again!

2. Google Glass

A computer that Dad can wear on his face. Well, if you can get hold of one. Right now they are the preserve of roughly 10,000 tech and social media enthusiasts. Still they look lots of fun and will turn him into a human version of Data from Star Trek. Wearing Google Glass when you are out with the kids, cooking or shopping might just make life a little easier. Imagine being able to convert ounces into grams in an instant without having to refer to the recipe book. They may prove handy the next time your hands are knuckle deep in the pastry dough (or play dough).

3.  Super light super phone – Samsung Galaxy S4 W

Wow. Take a video of yourself, while simultaneously taking a video of your subject – that’s fun! Not the prettiest design, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 available on EE comes packed full of preloaded apps including a motion sensor to track Dad’s general health, and converter that turns the phone into a remote control for the TV – nice! The stunning 13 megapixel camera on the phone is superb and has an array of features to create fantastic family snaps.

4. Toyota Camatte57s (An actual Working Car for Kids)

Okay, this amazing gadget is for Dad and child. Forget Meccano, Lego and Duplo, Dad and the little-one can soon spend the early years building a Toyota Camatte57s model car – and then driving off in it. Toyota’s oversized toy has 57 detachable panels – hence the name – that can be snapped into place around a pre-constructed chassis. Fantastic!

5. Voice Activated 3D TV

Dad’s friend (who he’s now very jealous of) recently bought the voice controlled Samsung 3D TV, and it’s an incredible experience. Voice controlled – “TV On”, and hand gesture controlled – ‘Minority Report-esque’, this is the TV to gazump all TV’s. Oh, and it’s also 3D – a visual and immersive experience like never before. No need to go back to the IMAX ever again!

Well, that’s our round-up of Tech gadgets for Father’s Day 2013. If we’ve forgotten any gizmos or gadgets that deserve a mention, don’t hesitate to shout out (while Dad’s not listening).

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  1. patricia Simon says:

    Loving the Google Glass! Not for Dad – for me (Mum) !!! : )

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