Use Your Data To Save Money

Households across the country are tightening their belts, and trying to cut costs by looking at their monthly expenditure. We tend to look at our energy tariffs regularly, but often don’t think about what we are paying for our broadband, television and phonelines. Thankfully you don’t necessarily need to give up your pay TV channels and superfast broadband to save money. Many service providers now offer great broadband, TV and phone packages all in one. Why have more than one provider when you can get all three in one package? You will only have to keep track of one monthly bill, and a three in one bundle is often a lot cheaper too!

The easiest way to look at what deals are available is to compare TV, broadband and phone packages using online price comparison websites. The advantage of these is that they pull together all of the relevant information about the packages and put them side by side for you to examine.

What are your needs?

When you’re shopping for your deal, consider which of the three elements is most important to you. Are you a TV addict or do you spend most of your time surfing the web and chatting on the phone? If you’re a TV fan, think about what channels you would want access to, installation costs, and what features you would benefit from such as the ability to record programmes. If you spend more of your time online, you will want to look at the broadband speeds available in your area, as well as download allowance. When considering phone options, watch out for additional landline costs. Working out what your internet usage requirements are, will allow you to choose the right contract and save money in the long run.

Another advantage of these package deals is that when your contract is up, it’s easier to switch again as you can move everything to a new provider in one go. When your contract ends you should actively research the market again. When you initially chose your TV, phone and broadband package, it may have been the best deal at the time, but it might not be the best value option two or three years down the line. You might feel that changing your provider is a hassle but it may save you hundreds of pounds over the space of a year.

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