Gaming for Kids! Positive or Negative?

Over the past twenty years the online gaming industry has boomed, creating a host of problems for parents.

Parents are right to ask questions about their children gaming online. What’s appropriate? Who are they talking to? What will be the effects on later life? “Video Game Use Linked to Problem Children” stories are never far from the media, and as children get older they spend more time online, alone. It is definitely a real worry for parents.

Is Online Gaming Negative?

But if parents get the balance right, gaming can be brilliant for children. They pick up tech and social skills early, and watching them get competitive is brilliant. In previous posts we’ve looked at cool apps and games to encourage learning. You might even argue that gaming can encourage kids to read and learn quicker.

Do Parents Understand Gaming?

Should it be parents and the older generations that have to worry more? Let’s face it, we’re just not as tech savvy as our children. Maybe it’s time to say – if you cant beat them, join them. Gaming together is an amazing opportunity for parents to connect with their child.

Here’s a quick guide of the games you’ll need to know:

  • Young children, around the age of five? Best you learn how to play Angry Birds.
  • Kids with energy to burn? Invest in the old classic Wii Sports.
  • Teenagers that love adventure? Time for you to brush up on  World of Warcraft.
  • Young adults? Know the online casino games from platforms like Betway, and you’ll be speaking their language.

Life is about finding new ways to connect with your children. You never know, gaming could be one of them.

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