Product Review: Is the new iPhone 11 all that?

The recently unveiled iPhone 11 has been in the spotlight over the past week! Questions are flooding in from all over the internet about the features and quality of this device. Apple’s iPhone has undoubtedly been the phone to beat over the past decade, so let’s see what’s special about their new device and whether it will keep Apple as the dominant force in this highly competitive space.

Say Cheese

For all the camera lovers out there, here’s the good news for you! The iPhone 11 has an enhanced and upgraded camera. Yayy! As standard the device features a 5x digital zoom while the Pro version has 10x digital zoom. 

Apple clearly wants users to feel like there’s some shared visual identity between the range, with all three of the iPhone 11 models packing the same rather unsightly square camera block on the rear. The camera system upgrade might provide improved images, but there’s no denying that it does look slightly weird! 

The main camera is the most interesting part of the device. It has the capability of extending far beyond packing another sensor into the mix – where there are two 12MP sensors, a wide-angle ‘normal’ sensor and an ultra-wide one.  The camera can also shoot in 4K, to deliver better quality and more vibrancy than ever before. So that’s definitely an improvement.

Now for the front-facing camera for all you selfie addicts. The device’s front camera has been enhanced and  boosted up to 12MP to facilitate wider-angle pics – so you can now show more of you, and more of your backdrop. The slow- motion selfies are also included, and this is called Slofies. That’s quite a catchy term and i can see it being the subject of many hashtags.

Fast and furious graphics and games

If you are someone who likes playing games, the iPhone 11 could now be your best choice. Whether you are playing slots games at Kitty Bingo or letting your kids do maths practice on sumdog, the graphics of the smartphone get a massive boost with the A13 Bionic processor. It’s fast and furious!

Funky as Funk

Apple have also moved away from their conservative roots with the iPhone11’s base colour options. This time, you have a choice from black, white, yellow, lavender, mint green and red. So now your phone can be as funky as your fabletics yoga pants. That’s definitely a welcome addition.

Also, the iPhone 11 is slightly thicker in the hand so it feels a bit more solid. But we’ll reserve judgement as to whether this makes the phone stronger until the first time we invariably drop it! 

Endurance and Stamina

Apple has also improved the life of its battery, providing one hour of battery life than on the iPhone XR. We always welcome one hour less of having to search for a charging cable, so that’s another welcome addition.

Thankfully the iPhone 11 continues to be waterproof, which is a huge relief to those of us whose phone has a fatal attraction with dropping down the toilet. Apple has verified each model for splash, dust, and water resistance and the maximum depth for this phone is 2 meters up to 30 minutes. Phew!

Summing Up

To sum up, we really love the new iPhone11! And with a starting price point of $699 for 64GB storage, it’s actually quite competitively priced. Apple already stated to take pre purchases on Friday, September 13 and the iPhone 11 will be accessible to buy in stores from September 20. Although why you’d ever buy a 64GB device for space sucking devices like this little guy is beyond me.

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