Games for Toddlers

Easter crafts

Daffodil Easter cards

Easter themed cards to brighten up someone's day. Continue reading

Children ‘losing touch’ with the natural world, say National Trust

Children ‘losing touch’ with the natural world, say National Trust

Research by National Trust says children aren't encouraged to enjoy nature. Continue reading

Exercise for toddlers

Mum and toddler workouts

Fitness hints, tips and regimes to get you and your toddler more active. Continue reading

Listening and communication skills games

Games to develop listening and communication skills

Games to help boost your toddlers communication and listening skills. Continue reading

Funny toddler video

VIDEO: Sweet toddler turns to the dark side!

Adorable little girl shows how quickly they turn! Continue reading

Kids songs and lyrics with actions

Music games for toddlers

Fun games for rainy days

5 great games to keep your little ones happy on rainy days. Continue reading

Teaching everyday essentials

Teaching everyday essentials

Praise, encouragement and setting an example helps your toddler to learn the basic skills. Continue reading

The importance of play

The importance of play

Get things done and play with your child at the same time. Continue reading

Keeping active

Keeping active

Children love using their bodies to crawl, walk, run, jump and climb. The more opportunities you