Top 100 Baby Names UK

The most popular names in England & Wales are Harry and Amelia. The most popular names in Scotland are Jack and Sophie. Scroll down for the most popular baby names of 2011. If you need further inspiration check out celebrity baby names, how to choose a baby name and our dedicated baby names hub.

Top 100 Baby Names

See the top 100 baby girl and baby boy names, in England, Wales and Scotland, as published by the Office of National Statistics 13 August 2012 and the General Register for Scotland 19 December 2011.

  1. Girl Names 2011 (England and Wales)
  2. Girl Names 2011 (Scotland)
  3. Boy Names 2011 (England and Wales)
  4. Boy Names 2011 (Scotland)
  5. Planning a baby naming ceremony?
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1. Top 100 Girl Names in 2011 (England and Wales)

You can also see the meaning of each girls name listed in this table here.
Girls names 2011 published 2012

New girl’s names that appear in the top 2011 list include Bella (69), Willow (75), Elsie (87), Kayla (98), Francesca (99) and Lydia (100). Bella has risen in popularity with the Twilight saga. Francesca and Lydia have sneaked into the top 100 due to the reality TV saga, The Only Way is Essex.

Girls names map of England and Wales
Girls names map of England and Wales 2012
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Comments for 'Top 100 Baby Names UK'

14 Responses to Top 100 Baby Names UK

  1. Happy Mama says:

    As a child I wished my parents had chosen a less popular name, especially when their was a few of us with the same name in the same class at school. For that reason I checked the most popular names of the year for all my children to check they were not in the top 10.

  2. SavyMum says:

    My friend just called her baby Ava-Sophia… just a gorgeous name and I see these are both very popular names overall and my other girlfriend had a little girl called Olivia 6 years ago and at that time it was considered unique… just beautiful names are being brought back due to the classic movie stars of the past… Olivia De Haivland and Ava Gardner.

  3. ElizabethM says:

    My cousin’s little ones are Finlay (top 20 for Scottish boys!) and Ruairidh – a good old Scottish name but not all that common these days! Her brother’s little girl is Eilidh, just outside the top 20 for girls! Will definitely link this post to my friend who is struggling to decide on a name for her impending arrival!

  4. Jonny says:

    How many GB babies will be named – Bradley (Wiggins) in 2012 ??? : )

  5. Stuart says:

    Your top 100 list for Boys in Scotland is identical to your top 100 for Boys in England and Wales. Looks like a copy and past error to me…

  6. Vicki says:

    Im due on 28th oct and having a boy. Wanted an unusual name so calling him Brogan!

  7. Tim says:

    Uploading the list as a picture file means that you cannot use the Control F function to find a particular name. You might want to consider uploading things in text for future articles of a similar nature.

    • Mindful Mum says:

      Hi Tim, thanks for your comment and you are right regarding finding a name. We have a full list in a table here for girls names which is not an image. That means you should be able to control F, and sort the table by rank, naming style and change in popularity too.

      Here is the top 100 girls names in table and text form. Would love your feedback. Top 100 Girls Names – Table Format for Searching

      We are working on the boys names table as I type ;-)

  8. tracy says:

    we re having a wee girl in april 2013 and calling her Harley!

  9. Claire says:

    “Top 100 baby names UK”? Where’s Northern Ireland?! I love the way it consistently gets mysteriously forgotten by the mainland.

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