Birth Plan

Example Birth Plan

Download an example birth plan in word. Edit for your individual circumstances and preferences for birth. Continue reading


Baby Tummy Time

This leaflet explains what baby tummy time is. Continue reading

Top 100 Baby Names

Top 100 Baby Names UK

Top 100 baby names in England, Scotland and Wales 2010, released 2011. Continue reading

Folic acid natural food sources

Natural sources of folic acid

Trying for a baby or already pregnant? Download food sources of folic acid (also known as vitamin B9) for quick reference. Continue reading


Birth Plan (PDF)

Download a free birth plan in PDF for printing. See word version to adapt for your personal circumstances. Continue reading

Iron in foods for pregnancy health

Best Sources of Iron During Pregnancy

1 in 5 women develop iron-deficiency anaemia when they are pregnant. Download list of iron rich foods for pregnancy. Continue reading

When should I buy organic fruit and vegetables?

When to buy organic

Fruit and vegetables with the lowest & highest levels of pesticide residues found in UK supermarket shelves. Continue reading

Foods rich in vitamin C for a healthy pregnancy

List of Vitamin C Sources

Download sources of Vitamin C to help your absorption of iron. Continue reading