5 reasons why you and your family should go on holiday

Economic crises, inflation, travel warnings, not being able to get time off… There are plenty of reasons why you might struggle to schedule a holiday this year. But if you weighed up the pros and cons, you’d find it really is worth your while. Here are just a few reasons why you should take a holiday!

Stress relief

Stress. It ages you, makes you ill, puts strain on your relationships, and makes you unhappy. Going on holiday (okay, maybe not the packing part) and de-stressing is essential for your emotional and physical wellbeing. Only don’t go away with the inlaws, this will negate everything.

Get away from the chores

Taking leave and staying at home is all very well, it’s always good to get out the office. But there will still be the usual chores and little jobs around the house you’ve always been meaning to get done. If you go away, however – to a resort, a B&B, even camping – you’ll be away from the washing machine, the income tax returns that needs addressing and that garden fence you’ve been meaning to repair. The point of a holiday is to relax; those things can wait till you get back.

Time for your relationship

Okay, holidaying with kids will not mean the kind of luxurious relaxation that comes with the couple holidays you used to have before they came along. Lie-ins, for instance, are probably a thing of the past. But as you won’t have work stress and housekeeping to contend with, you’ll find you have more time to talk, laugh and relax together.

Spend quality time with your children

Your children will relish being in new surroundings and will love exploring. Without the usual responsibilities eating into your time, you can play with them and have fun together. Parents always say they’re amazed at how much their little ones develop during holidays. A change of scenery is good for all.

Regroup, and come back inspired

Hold on to that amazing contented feeling you have after coming back from a holiday – even if it’s to the rain, or a stressful job. Somehow, being away from it all, even for a couple of days, allows you a bit of time and distance to put things in perspective. Often people will come back from holiday with a solution to a problem that was worrying them before they went away. And you may even realise that the things that were stressing you out aren’t that important after all.

There you go then. As if you needed any further convincing, this is why a holiday is good for. Now get packing!

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  1. I think it’s only right that `I now go on permanent holiday. And I shall be citing this article as part of my defence. ;) lol

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