Family activities in the north of France

Feature writer Lara shares her favourite family activities in the north of France.

Family activites in the north of France

One of the huge advantages of having a young child is that you aren’t restricted to only going away at school holiday times. So, last week, while most parents I know were sewing on labels and dusting off blazers, we were packing up for a holiday in the north of France, in the Flanders region. Just an hour’s drive from Calais, our secluded little cottage was just idyllic. With a beautiful garden, an indoor barbeque and views across the countryside, you couldn’t help but feel relaxed.

If you visit the region, here are a few ideas to keep you and the family entertained:

1. Buy fresh fruit and veg from the side of the road.

We couldn’t drive a mile without coming across a hastily scribbled sign advertising tomatoes, pumpkin or beans for sale. Great for kids to see food without the packaging.

2. Visit La Coupole.

The remnants of a secret bunker built by Hitler during the war from which he intended to launch V2 rockets in London’s direction. Fortunately, the spot was detected by British spy planes and destroyed just in time. A fascinating museum has been built in what is left.

3. Try the cheese at the Saturday market in St Omer.

And remember to get extra to bring home with you. It’s fantastic value.

4. Buy a traditional wooden toy (no plastic tat).

You can get these from one of the many beautiful toy shops in the area. We bought Little Bean a duck on a stick which you push along with its feet flapping crazily. She thinks it’s hysterical and is by far her current favourite.

5. Take a day trip to the gorgeous fishing village of Wissant.

The beach there is spectacular and even if the weather is foul, there are some lovely little cafes for you to nip into for moules and frites.

Photography: Bernt Rostad @Flickr

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