Five holiday questions you need to ask

Feature writer, Lara, takes us through the five most important questions to ask when booking holiday accommodation for your family.

Five holiday questions you need to ask

Remember the days when you and your other half used to book a last minute getaway? When you used to have a leisurely splurge around duty free and then jet off on a luxury break of drinking cocktails by the pool/hiking in the Himalayas/hitchhiking through Laos/scuba-diving in Bali/wine-tasting in Australia?

It’s safe to say that holidaying with children is somewhat different. Not only is packing a logistical nightmare, as you find yourself sacrificing your second pair of shoes so that a favourite doll can ‘come on holiday too’, but there are countless other little details you have to think of. Accommodation that may have been fine for a fun-loving couple could be completely unsuitable for a family with toddlers.

Here are top five questions to ask when booking accommodation for a family holiday:

1) Is there a travel cot provided?

Or will you need to bring your own? There are many lightweight options available – see here for more details.

2) Are there stairs?

Some resorts are positioned on sharp inclines and although this makes for lovely views, it also makes getting around a bit more difficult. Little legs are easily tired and carrying a pram or toddler uphill in the heat, in addition to their change bags, buckets and spades, hats and suncream, will do nothing for your relaxation levels. Remember, you’re on holiday too.

3) Where can we eat?

Is there a restaurant on site? Does it cater for kids? If you are staying in self-catering accommodation it’s worth asking where the nearest supermarket is. If your baby is on bottles and you are sterilising, you’ll also need to make sure you have access to a microwave and kettle.

4) Are the rooms airconditioned?

Very important when travelling to hot climates, especially with very little ones.  Also, it’s worth making sure this is included in the price or you will need to budget for the extra charge per day.

5) Where is the nearest hospital?

Not nice to think about but it’s always better to be prepared. Most resorts will have contact numbers available for the nearest hospitals and doctor surgeries but if you’re going for the self-catered option, make sure you’ve got a note of emergency phone numbers at the very least.

There you go. Nothing too onerous! And once you have these questions settled you can get back to the important business of rest and relaxation. Have a lovely time!

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