Five tips for families travelling with low-cost airlines

Going on family holiday with a low cost airline? Check out our top 5 tips on flying ‘no frill’s with children.

When booking a holiday, it’s always important to be prepared in advance, especially if your little ones are accompanying you. However, it’s often all too easy to let some of the minor details slip through the cracks, so check out these five tips to avoid potential eleventh-hour disasters!

  1. Don’t over pack
  2. Print boarding cards
  3. Lightweight comforters
  4. Lightweight buggy
  5. Booster seat

1. Don’t over pack

Do you struggle to prioritise your essentials? Low cost airlines are great, but they do make significant profits from people carrying extra luggage, often charging up to £80 per bag. Check the weight allowances of your airline before packing, and only bring what you think you will use.

If you think you’ll need more space for your belongings, check the airline’s website or our article on budget airline charges to see what extra fees this will incur. If possible, book this extra allowance online, as it is common for airlines to charge almost twice as much more at the airport.

2. Print your boarding passes at home

Print your boarding passes at the earliest possible convenience, as low-cost airlines often charge upwards of £80 to do it at the airport. If you don’t have access to a printer at home, try printing them off at work, or even your local library. This is definitely something you don’t want to leave until the last minute!

3. Take lightweight comforters and entertainment

Comforters, especially for children, are essential in case your flight is delayed, or if you’re travelling in a car or taxi after your flight. This could be just the thing to prevent sleepy children from becoming little monsters! See our mum’s survival guide to travel for more tips on travelling with children.

Entertainment is also crucial. How about a travel-sized board game, or an e-reader so you don’t have to lug everyone’s favourite books around?

4. Buy or borrow a cheaper travelling buggy

While you might not relish the thought of spending more money on your holiday, if you’re travelling with baby or toddler, buying a cheaper buggy for travelling with will be a wise investment.

Not every airline will charge you for bringing a buggy on board, but they will have to store it safely, and a relatively inexpensive folding buggy will make this much easier to accomplish! Some airlines may also process the buggy or pram through baggage conveyor belts before you see it again, which means it will be at more risk of being damaged.

5. Bring your own booster seat for a hired car

If you’re planning on hiring a car on your holiday, remember to bring your own booster seat (providing you have enough space in your luggage). Hire car firms will charge several times the cost of buying your own.

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