Holiday memento ideas for kids

Feature writer Lara shares her brilliant holiday memento ideas for kids. A perfect activity for kids on holiday and a great way to introduce them to a country’s culture.

Holiday memento ideas for kids

Whenever you go on holiday it’s always a nice idea to bring a little something back as a reminder of your time away. Kids love collecting little knickknacks so this is a great exercise for them and, if they’re old enough, can be a great way of introducing them to a country’s culture.

Holiday scrapbook

My brother and I used to keep these when we did our annual overseas trips. Everything went in our holiday scrapbooks – plastic cutlery and empty peanut packets from the aeroplane, postcards, drawings we’d done while we were away and of course photos from the holiday. While I’m not recommending keeping the serviettes from every restaurant you eat out at (like we did) keeping a little diary will be a lovely project for your children and a great way to recap the fun times of your trip once you’re back home.


Make sure you take your address book along so that the kids can scribble (or dictate) a quick message to Granny and Grandpa, telling them what a great time they’re having and how much ice-cream they’re eating. Post one to your own home too, so it’s waiting there to inform your ‘back-from-holiday’ selves what a marvellous time you had.


Give them a budget and let them choose something small and thoughtful to take back for one of your friends or family members. Depending on your child’s age, perhaps steer them towards something traditional or local to the area so they learn a little about the culture.


If you are doing a few excursions, print out a map of the area and let them mark on it every day exactly where you’re going and what you’re getting up to.

Shells or pebbles

The perfect holiday booty! Something little ones can find and claim as their very own discovery. If it’s a stone, perhaps mark it with the place and date of your trip and collect them from future holiday destinations too.

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