Tips for travelling with your family on a business trip

Feature writer Lara shares the three top things she couldn’t have coped without, while travelling with her family on a business trip.

Tips for travelling with your family on a business trip

Last year, when I was about 7 months pregnant I had the massive good fortune of being asked to go to Australia on a work trip – with flights and accommodation sorted. Dilemma. My baby would be 5 months old. Australia was the other side of the world. And how, as a first-time mum, could I commit to something when I had no idea what the coming months would bring? My husband I discussed it for days and eventually decided it was too good an opportunity to miss. I’d intended to breastfeed if at all possible so it would mean baby (and husband) would need to accompany me. Even if I hadn’t been breastfeeding I wouldn’t have been able to contemplate being away from her for any length of time. Ambitiously, we decided we would have one week family holiday in Sydney followed by my one week working in Adelaide. It was an incredible adventure and I would never have coped without:

1. Her wonderful daddy

Before that week my husband hadn’t spent more than a few hours alone with our little one and even he admitted to feeling a bit anxious about being in charge for a full day. But he surprised himself and the two of them definitely bonded over that time.

2. An understanding work environment

Although I never took my little one to the meetings with me, there were ‘downtime’ occasions when I bumped into colleagues when I was with my family. They were always incredibly friendly and cooed over her incessantly. In fact I had to turn down a few offers to bring her to meetings! I thought that having her on work trip with me was enough, I wasn’t going to push it.

3. A large hotel room (with a kettle)

Every night my amazing husband would rinse out and sterilise the bottles, wash any soiled clothing and sit in a darkened room eating room service or takeaways when she went to sleep at around 5.30pm. This must have irked him no end while I was out socialising.

Even though at the outset it seemed a bit mad, I’m so glad we did it. My husband and daughter had an incredibly special time together and I got an easy introduction back into the working world. We also got the opportunity to visit a country that, otherwise, we may not have visited for several years.

Photography: Lars Plougmann @Flickr

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