Travel cots: Our top 10

When buying a travel cot, there are many things to consider. It must be durable, should last a while, be lightweight and easy to put up, amongst other things.

Travel cots: our top 10

Picking the right travel cot for your little one will ensure a sound night’s sleep for you and baby. Whether you are camping near by or on the other side of the world, there are many different types to choose from. Here is our pick of the best travel cots.

  1. Koo-Di Sun and Sleep Bassinette –, £39.99Travel cots: Our top 10
    This dinky little bed weighs next to nothing – at under 1kg – so is perfect for travelling with tots. Suitable for use until the age of six months, this pop up cot is perfect for the first few months. The cot has a removable canopy and comes equipped with a padded mattress and zip mosquito net. The Sun and Sleep version of the travel bassinette also has a black out sun blind that blocks 93% of all UVA/UVB rays to keep baby safe in the sun.

  3. Phil and Teds Nest –, £85.55Travel cots: Our top 10
    A travel cot weighing around 2kg is lightweight and very easy to assemble (takes just 10 seconds to put up). The bed comes as a bag that can be used to carry all of baby’s luggage before unzipping and assembling into a great travel cot. With built in breathable posture support and a sheer sheet built in to protect against the sun and insects, this cot can be used almost anywhere.
  4. Graco Contour Electra Vibe –, £109.99Travel cots: Our top 10
    This travel cot is suited for longer use which justifies the pricier purchase. It suits both babies and toddlers from birth to around three years. The cot has seven feet for ultimate stability, two of which are wheels for easy mobility. The Graco bed comes with a gently vibrating mattress and built in musical features to soothe your little one to sleep. The bed also has a removable changing table attached and an umbrella for shade.
  5. Bushbaby Nestegg Pop-up travel cot –, £60Travel cots: Our top 10
    For parents looking for a travel solution that will last them for a long time, the Bushbaby Nestegg is a good option to go for. It caters for babies, toddlers and little ones with its six months to five years age range. With a self inflating mattress, the roomy cot can be used both as a cot and as a play area with it’s SPF 30 cover. At just 2kg, it’s a lightweight solution for travelling families.
  6. Mothercare Classic Travel Cot: Hide and Seek, £79.99 – mothercare.comTravel cots: Our top 10
    Suitable from birth to around 24 months, this travel cot is good to go for a couple of years. With a carry bag and removable mattress, this sturdy travel cot can easily be transformed into a play pen. A heavier option at 8.5kg, this cot is a good option for those looking for both a cot and a play pen in one.
  7. Samsonite Pop-up Bubble Cot:, £46.99Travel cots: Our top 10
    This pop-up cot is super-fast to assemble, just seconds in fact! It’s also light at just 3kg so perfect for families on the move. Offering a slightly shorter age span than other cots, the Samsonite cot is suitable for babies up to 18 months.
  8. BABYBJÖRN Travel Cot Light :, £199.99Travel cots: Our top 10
    The travel light cot from BABYBJÖRN is fairly light at just 5kg. It is quick and easy to set up in just one easy step and has a sturdy frame for support. The textiles of the cot have all been tested and approved and offer a great solution for babies with allergies or sensitive skin. A playpen style makes this travel cot suitable for newborns and growing tots up until the age of three.
  9.  LittleLife Arc 2:, £89.99Travel cots: Our top 10
    Another of the ultralight options, the LittleLife Arc 2 is compact at just 2.25kg. With a tent like structure, the Arc 2 is surprisingly generous spatially though mostly upward so can still fit into a small space. Suitable from birth to three, this travel cot boasts a large zip side compartment for easy access to baby.
  10. Nscessity UV Red Travel Cot:, £69.99Travel cots: Our top 10
    This cot from Nscessity is an award winning  purchase and handy travel aid. Even when not travelling, this popup tent style cot is perfect for naps in the back garden, park or the beach thanks to its UV protection equal to UPF 25+ from the sun’s harmful rays. This cot is suitable for birth upwards, weighs in at just 2.2kg and comes with a self inflating mattress and mosquito net.
  11. Bloom Alma Mini Crib Set:, £300Travel cots: Our top 10
    For those who are going away travelling for a little longer than usual and are taking a car rather than flying, a sturdier travel cot may be just what you’re after. This solid birch wood bed is obviously not for flying. It comes with two mattress heights for a newborn bassinet or crib and folds away for convenient storage.

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