Travel in style with Matalan – review

Feature writer Lara reviews Matalan’s travel collection for her holiday in France.

Finally, we’ve booked a summer holiday – a little cottage in France with a hammock in the garden and a boules set. Charming, oui? I’ve also started looking through my holiday summer wardrobe and come up blank. This time last year I was seven months pregnant and, to put it mildly, ever so slightly larger than I am now. I remember being hot and bothered whenever I went shopping, looking at all the skimpy tops and dresses and knowing I’d look like a delusional hippo if I tried to squeeze into any of them. Saved a fortune last year in non-shopping.

But with the sun finally having come out of exile, I’ve realised my wardrobe needs a helping hand. Only with crippling nursery fees, my credit card’s not quite as flexible as it used to be.

But luckily you don’t need to spend the earth to be beautifully attired. Matalan’s summer range is fantastic (and with many things on sale at the moment you can pick up excellent bargains – £1 tops anyone?) Also, if you’re pressed for time, it can be a one-stop shop for the whole family’s holiday needs, as they sell everything from baby’s swimsuits to sunblock to suitcases.

I am now the proud owner of:

  • One super lightweight suitcase – easily identifiable thanks to the funky apple print.
  • A little black dress, with multiway straps to avoid obvious tan lines (yes, I said tan lines). Also the fabric is lovely and stretchy, perfect for slipping on over a bikini or dressing up for a night out (yes, I said a night out). I’m a big fan of multi-use items like this because I no longer have the luxury of having a whole suitcase to myself. Toys have replaced shoes, nappies have replaced make-up bags, first aid kits have replaced bottles of wine…You know how it goes.
  • A pair of Jackie O style sunglasses, so I can swan around pretending to be famous.
  • The obligatory tube of sunblock. Nothing like the smell of suncream to get you into the holiday spirit. This one’s great because it’s a high SPF and is suitable for the whole family.
  • A blue boob tube – very flattering as it skims over post-baby tummy.
  • A white floaty dress – I know, perhaps not the most practical choice with a weaning baby but it’s so gorgeous I couldn’t resist.

I’m also eyeing up a few pretty little outfits for my baby girl though I suspect in the heat she may be happiest just in her nappy.

So, that’s us sorted then. I’m off to indulge in baguettes and Roquefort, looking rather chic if I do say so myself.

+Lara Crisp

Author Disclosure: I was provided with these products for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.
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