What is a babymoon?

A craze that has exploded onto the preconception and pregnancy travel scene is the babymoon. Derived from the word ‘honeymoon’, babymoon has long since shaken its meaning of ‘nesting’, and now requires Ray Bans. Whether you’ve yet to conceive or you’ve just had the exciting news you’ve been waiting for, if you aren’t babymooning, you’re missing out.


What is a babymoon?

The term babymoon has changed over the years. It used to refer to that special bonding time between parent and newborn just after birth. Now, the term sees itself being used to describe the last holiday a couple has before becoming mum and dad. Whether you’re pregnant yet or not, a babymoon is a great excuse to get jetsetting and squeeze in some relaxation and together time before you become a family.

Babymoon before conceiving

Babymoons are a fast growing trend in the world of travel and offer couples a chance to reconnect before they have a new addition to look after. Before becoming pregnant, couples have complete freedom over where they choose to go on their babymoon. They can be as adventurous as they like without having to worry about the additional medical worries of pregnancy.

So you quite fancy bungee jumping in Australia before turning your hand to parenting, make sure to plan your babymoon before you conceive.

Babymoon during pregnancy

With the excitement of a new baby bubbling away, couples might get tired of waiting to meet their little one. Planning a babymoon during pregnancy can be great to take mum and dad’s mind off of the wait.

Travelling when pregnant might sound uncomfortable but with the right precautions taken into consideration, it can provide the well needed rest mum needs before birth. When pregnant, you might prefer to stay a little closer to home with staycations and trips to Europe more appealing than travelling half way around the world. You might prefer an English speaking country or somewhere where English translators are easily available in case of medical requirements.

Another thing you may want to think about is comfort. When travelling, wear cotton clothes and use layers for warmth rather than one heavy item. You can remove or put more on as and when the temperature changes. You may wish to book extra leg room on flights and ask for a seat belt extender if necessary for bump.

Remember, when travelling by air each airline has its own set of rules and regulations over flying and pregnancy so be sure to read up on those before booking. Generally, the second trimester is deemed the safest to fly but if in any doubt over your pregnancy and travelling, see your GP or midwife for some advice.

Destination, babymoon

The destination really is up to you! Couples who are yet to conceive might use their babymoon to explore somewhere they’ve never been before such as India, Thailand or Australia. Without a bun in the oven, women don’t have to worry too much about eating foreign foods or being in a remote location with little around them.

A city break in Europe might be ideal for couples who are already looking after their bump as they are close to home and it’s likely everyone will speak English.

If you’re in your third trimester of pregnancy and worrying about flying, why not opt for a staycation. Rent a romantic cottage in Britain or enjoy a ferry trip to Ireland for a city break. You don’t have to travel far to find rest and relaxation!

Celebrities who babymoon

Babymoons aren’t just a rising trend for us, celebrities too are jumping on the bandwagon and booking some alone time before baby arrives.

Before the arrival of their twins, singer Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon enjoyed some time in a resort California where the star enjoyed spa treatments and relaxed in the sun.

Mexico has proven popular on the babymoon scene with visitors including Kate Hudson and boyfriend Matt Bellamy and socialite, Kourteny Kardashian, Scott Disick and son Mason.

Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson enjoyed some time together in St Barts on their babymoon before the birth of Uma’s third child.

Oscar winner Natalie Portman and fiance, Benjamin Milliepied packed up and headed to Napa Valley for their babymoon.

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