Ever wanted to become a flight attendant?

Our good friend Jackie at www.divamum.co.uk often recounts her amazing tales of being a glamorous flight attendant for a well known air carrier. Her stories were a mixture of ‘wow’ and ‘omg’, but overall her life and career sounded absolutely incredible.

So, we asked Jackie  – how does one become a flight attendant, get the chance to visit new places, gain discount on hotels (not often), and meet famous celebrities (censored)?

The Reality

While the glamorous life of a flight attendant is one to be desired, the training and selection process can be challenging with a strict criteria needing to be met, as shown in this infographic by flight comparison company Cheapflights highlights.

If you want to fulfil your dreams and take to the skies as a flight attendant, there are five things you can do to help you get there:

1. Preparation

Once you have chosen an airline you want to apply to, find out everything you can about it, such as the number of employees, its finances, aeroplanes and routes. This preparation should also extend to checking your interview location and making sure you are able to get there ahead of schedule – as tardiness won’t help your chances.

2. Qualifications

Qualifications are not a major barrier to becoming a flight attendant as you do not need a PhD or degree. However, it makes sense to check what the individual requirements of the airline you are applying to are, before going any further – most require at least four GCSEs including English and Maths. It also helps, although is not usually essential, to be able to speak another language.

3. Appearance

Different airlines will have different views when it comes to how you present yourself. For example, large airlines will probably want a smart, formal appearance, so this is how you should dress if you get an interview. Smaller airlines may prefer more self-expression and personality. Again, make sure you research what is expected and present yourself accordingly.

4. Personality

As a flight attendant, you will be expected to have an outgoing personality. Usually the interview process involves group meetings and introducing yourself to the other members, so you will need to make sure you stand out. Ask yourself if you have the personality that will fit the demands of the job.

5. Lifestyle

As well as being an extrovert, you also need to have the right lifestyle. Being a flight attendant involves a lot of travelling and being away from home. It is, therefore, a role more suitable for those without family commitments and perfect for people who are very independent, as it offers access to global glamour and nightlife.

For all these reasons, this job has a tough selection process, but the rewards on offer make it well worthwhile.

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