Looking for a dramatic Volcanic holiday? Think Tenerife.

Rising up from the Atlantic, off the northwest African coast, lies the rugged archipelago of Spain’s Canary Island territories.

The seven islands are hewn from the same volcanic rock, endowing them with dramatic landscapes and beaches of black and white sand. Each has its own unique feel and personality however, with some providing the perfect all year round environment for a family holiday.

Tenerife is the largest and most popular with families of all ages. At its centre lies Mount Teide, the world’s third largest ocean island volcano. Children will love the sense of danger and adventure of a day trip here as it’s still active, although as it hasn’t erupted since 1909 it’s still the most popular day excursion and a trip to the summit for spectacular views is made achievable for children by cable car. Kids will also love climbing the stairs of waterslides of the island’s second biggest attraction, Siam Park, where the family can spend a whole day among its many pools, lagoons and fearless flumes.


With strings of beaches fringing all the islands, natural water is never far away and one of the smaller islands, Lanzarote, boasts ideal wave and wind conditions that have made the island popular for watersports; kids will love watching the many surfers, windsurfers and paragliders practice their moves and can join in the fun themselves on a speedboat town inflatable.


The Canaries are fantastic for families for year round sun and average yearly climate of 22c, earning their reputation as ‘Islands of Eternal Spring’. While summer heats up to 28-30c, temperatures in the low twenties are consistent during October and January – perfect for a blast of winter sun while the kids are off school with mid term breaks. All seven islands have airports served by all major tour operators and low cost carriers to meet a number of budgets. There is also a network of ferries between the islands meaning two or three can be experienced on one trip.

We love Tenerife as a family holiday destination, and we’d highly recommend it for your holiday shortlist this year.

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