2019 Holiday Destinations

Winter is here, and what better way to spend your nights snuggled up with hot coco planning your next vacation in 2019. Have you ever had the urge to be more adventurous on your next holiday? Well according to UK’s Travel experts here are 5 destinations that will tickle that wild side.

  • Wadi Rum, Jordan

For an “out of the world” experience Wadi Rum is defiantly a must see. Wadi Rum is a protected dessert in Jordan with its unique reddish sands, natural arches and an incredible stargazing view between the mountains. A long-distance hiking trail will be held from the 1st of March until the 13 April 2019. A trail about 650km through 52 villages and towns with amazing sights to be seen. This may be an experience you don’t want to miss out.


  1. Ouarzazate, Morocco


Ouarzazate is a city that lies in Morocco with its High Atlas Mountains, it is known as the perfect getaway to the Sahara Dessert. Ouarzazate shaped with gorgeous palms and simple yet traditional buildings are defiantly the place to be for those who want to discover, learn and experience culture and traditions. A defiant must see is the Ksar of Ait – Benhaddou also known as the Ait – Benhaddou Palace which is 30 km away from Ouarzazate. It is a collection of Kasbahs surrounded by a fortified wall.  This can be a life changing visit.


  1. Italy and Switzerland


Want that ideal mountain getaway, this is the trip for you! Admire the majesty of Northern Italy as you pass through The Swiss Alpine, take a cruise across the Lake Como which will leave you standing in awe. Whether you are riding the train up the mountain slope or zip lining through the mountain views, you’ll be immersed by the beauty of the region’s people, scenery and culture. A good start to begin this amazing journey between Switzerland and Italy is from Zurich. This journey will only leave you wanting more.

Enjoying a train ride through the breathtaking scenery offers some of the most incredible views in the world. However, if you’re a bit scared of heights – take a tablet and some highly addictive games from sites like Kitty Bingo or Candicrush – ensuring you’re suitably distracted for some time at least.


  1. Samarkand, Uzbekistan


Samarkand is one of the eldest inhabited cities in the Central Asia and is known as the hub of world cultures from hundreds of years. A must see when visiting is the Registan Square which has the world’s most beautiful squares and completely covered by mosaics and decorated with gold and calligraphy. On May 25th until May 27th, 2019 the Silk and Spices Festival will be held in Bukhara. During this festival there are fairs where travelers can buy handcrafts, silk scarves and souvenirs. Take a trip down the Festival Valley.


  1. Palomino, Colombia



Known for its beautiful Caribbean beaches, with righteous surfing and sunbathing, but did you know that it is also a great place for wildlife spotting and delicious foods.  The number 1 activity on Palomino is the tube ride down the Palomino River. Through the jungle of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to the Caribbean Sea. An amazing way to experience the calm and natural beauty while catching a glimpse of what nature has to offer, keep an eye out for the monkeys and toucans and more! So, forget about Bali because in 2019 it’s all about Palomino.

Now the real question is, which trip will you choose?


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