Planning a Family Holiday to Niagara Falls

If you’re anything like our family, then the prospect of going on holiday to sit on a beach for two weeks can only be described as boring! For us, a holiday is about being inspired and seeing things you don’t usually see in your day to day life. And this mantra has guided our family holiday’s for the past couple of decades – taking us on around the world adventure, a quest to climb the worlds highest buildings, and a pilgrimage of the worlds finest art galleries. Now, we’re on the quest of bagging the seven natural wonders of the world, starting with Niagara Falls.

Why You Have to See Niagara Falls?

If you’ve ever visited Niagra Falls, then you don’t need to be sold to. It’s one of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders of the world and truly has to be seen to be believed. From the minute you’re near you can’t help but hear the sound of 681,750 gallons of water per second flow over the Horseshoe Falls. And when you catch your first glimpse, you’ve gained a memory for a lifetime.

The Journey – as Impressive as the Destination.

We visited Niagara from our starting point in NYC, which meant a long drive through New York state, Pennsylvania, and eventually Buffalo – all in a long seven-hour car journey. This is better than it sounds as it involves touring upstate New York, which is an experience in itself. It’s easy to think New York state would be an extension of Manhatten but it couldn’t be more different. In fact, it’s probably more akin to driving through rural Scotland, lush with greenery, fields, mountains and open-roads. An easier route would be flying into Toronto and taking a one and a half-hour car ride south to Niagra along the coast of the impressive Lake Ontario. If you do visit via Toronto you must visit the CN tower, which for over three decades was the tallest building in the world. A ride to the top is a must unless you have a fear of heights.

Where To Get the Best Niagara Falls Views?

The Canadian side is best for viewing the most impressive part of the Falls (Horseshoe Falls), and there are plenty of viewing areas to see the falls in all their glory. If you grew up watching Superman II (1980) one of your favourite scenes will probably have been when Clark Kent changes into Superman and saves the kid from falling into Niagara Falls. You guessed it right – you can stand in the exact same spot (if you’re feeling brave enough). But for those unnerved by being so close to the edge, I’ve recently found safer views from an online casino Canada (Niagara Falls Casino), which are more elevated, less daunting, and equally as spectacular.  

Want a Closer View? 

For those not scared to get a little wild and wet, you can always get a little closer to the falls. Hornblower Niagara Cruises takes visitors on a boat ride tour to the base of the Falls. Alternatively, Journey Behind the Falls allows you to walk directly under and behind the Falls to hear the thunderous sound of this magnificent natural wonder directly above you. Others in the past, have opted for a more extreme view of the falls by actually dropping over it – either with a protective covering or not – and some have been lucky enough to survive the approx 3-second drop. High-tide is widely acknowledged as saving ‘fallers’ from avoiding the huge rocks at the bottom, with one recent survivor in 2019 being only the fifth person since 1960 to survive a trip over the 188-foot-high falls without being inside a barrel or ball. Sadly the Falls takes the lives of approx twenty-five people each year from acts of suicide, reminding us all of the sheer power of nature. 

Have you visited Niagra Falls? Is it now on your bucket list? 

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