biasi boiler problems

Biasi boilers, like the Riva Advance HE model, are known for their reliability and efficiency. However, users may occasionally encounter operational issues. One common problem is the boiler failing to ignite and enter a lockout mode, indicated by specific LED light patterns and error codes. This article aims to guide homeowners in identifying and solving these issues with Biasi boilers.

Problem: Biasi Boiler Not Firing Up and Entering Lockout Mode


  • The boiler does not ignite, indicated by alternating flashing of the right and left green LED lights and a solid red LED.
  • The boiler repeatedly enters lockout mode despite attempts to reset.
  • The issue is characterized by a clicking sound and the absence of burner ignition.

Potential Causes and Solutions

  1. Seized Pump: If the boiler has been inactive for an extended period, the pump may seize, preventing the boiler from firing up.
    • Solution: Manually spin the pump using a screwdriver. This can loosen the rotor and allow the boiler to start. Ensure the boiler’s power is connected to facilitate automatic pump operation.
  2. Air in the System: Air trapped in the radiators and pipework can prevent proper water circulation and boiler function.
    • Solution: Bleed all radiators and ensure the pressure is maintained at around 1.5 Bar. Also, check and open the boiler’s automatic air vent.
  3. Gas Supply Issues: Incorrect information regarding the gas supply valve’s position or air in the gas pipes can hinder ignition.
    • Solution: Ensure the gas supply valve is in the correct ‘On’ position (typically horizontal) and purge any air from the gas pipes if they have been rerouted or modified.
  4. Fault Code Diagnosis: The specific LED light pattern and error codes indicate particular issues.
    • Solution: Refer to the boiler’s manual for fault code interpretation or consult a registered gas engineer for a precise diagnosis.

Additional Considerations

  1. Gas Safety: Ensure any gas-related work is performed by a registered gas engineer, and check for compliance with gas safety regulations.
  2. Ventilation Requirements: Modern boilers like Biasi often do not require additional ventilation in their compartment. However, ensure the boiler’s installation complies with manufacturer guidelines.
  3. Warranty and Service: If the boiler is still under warranty, contact Biasi for potential service or repair options.
  4. Regular Maintenance: Regular servicing and maintenance are crucial to prevent future issues and ensure efficient operation.


Resolving issues with a Biasi boiler, such as failure to ignite and lockout mode, often involves addressing problems like seized pumps, air in the system, or gas supply complications. Simple interventions like manually spinning the pump or bleeding radiators can be effective solutions. However, for more complex issues or error code interpretations, consulting a registered gas engineer is advisable. Regular maintenance and understanding the boiler’s operation are key to preventing and quickly addressing any future problems.

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