Church walk paddling pool

Church Walk Paddling Pool is a wonderful little getaway for those sunny days when all you want is a bit of water fun. Located in a friendly community space, it’s an ideal shallow pool designed for the youngest family members to enjoy without the worry of deep water. The pool’s centerpiece is a giant toadstool fountain that showers water, adding to the splish-splash excitement.

Parents and guardians can rest easy as they either join in the water fun or watch from the sidelines. Benches line the area, so it’s easy to keep an eye on the children as they play. This setup is perfect for giving kids some independence while ensuring they’re safe and within sight.

Once the kids have had their fill of the pool and are all dried off, they can head over to the nearby play area. This isn’t just a place to sit and rest; it’s equipped with climbing frames, tyre swings, and slides, perfect for kids to expend their remaining energy. The beauty of this park is that it’s not just a summer spot; it’s open all year round, rain or shine.

Feeling a bit peckish or need a drink to cool down? There’s no need to leave the fun behind. The on-site shop offers a variety of snacks and ice creams perfect for a hot day by the pool. The convenience of having refreshments at hand means families can make a day of it without the hassle of packing a big cooler.

The paddling pool is open throughout the summer, with its season typically stretching from May until September. To stay updated on opening times and to plan your visit, you can check out their Facebook page for the latest information.

It’s worth noting a few practicalities for planning your visit: the park and pool are open regardless of the weather, offering a reliable option for outdoor fun. However, dogs aren’t allowed, so it’s best to leave your furry friends at home.

Church Walk Paddling Pool stands out as a lovely spot for families to gather, play, and enjoy the simple joys of a sunny day. With the added amenities and the careful consideration for safety and fun, it’s a hidden gem that promises a stress-free and delightful outing for everyone.

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