citroen dispatch 2.0 hdi problems

Owners of Citroen Dispatch 2.0 HDi vans sometimes face challenges, especially when the vehicle is parked downhill during heavy rain. This can lead to the van starting but then cutting out after a few seconds. Here, we explore possible causes and solutions to this problem.

Potential Causes

  1. Water Infiltration in Electrical Components:
    • Water seeping into the vehicle, especially under the driver’s side carpet, can cause electrical faults.
    • This issue is reminiscent of problems found in the Peugeot 406 and could be affecting the Citroen Dispatch in a similar manner.
    • Solution: Check for water ingress under the carpets, especially on the driver’s side. If water is found, it’s crucial to dry out the area and identify the source of the leak to prevent further problems.
  2. Air in the Fuel Line:
    • If water infiltrates the fuel system, it can cause air to enter the fuel lines.
    • This air can impede the flow of fuel to the engine, leading to starting issues and stalling.
    • Solution: Check for water in the fuel system. If found, the system needs to be drained and refilled. Air should also be purged from the fuel lines to ensure proper fuel flow.

Diagnosing and Addressing the Problem

  1. Inspection for Water Damage:
    • Thoroughly inspect the vehicle for signs of water ingress, especially in areas prone to leaks.
    • Pay attention to the undercarriage and seals around doors and windows.
  2. Fuel System Check:
    • Inspect the fuel tank, lines, and connections for leaks or signs of water entry.
    • Purge the fuel system if air or water contamination is suspected.
  3. Professional Assessment:
    • If the issue persists or if the diagnosis is uncertain, seek a professional mechanic’s assistance.
    • A professional can conduct a more thorough inspection and use diagnostic tools to pinpoint the exact cause.
  4. Regular Maintenance:
    • Regular maintenance and checks, especially before rainy seasons, can help prevent such issues.
    • Ensure that all seals and undercarriage components are intact and functioning correctly.


Problems with a Citroen Dispatch 2.0 HDi stalling in heavy rain, particularly when parked downhill, can be indicative of water affecting the vehicle’s electrical system or fuel line. It’s crucial to identify and rectify these issues promptly to prevent more significant damage. Regular maintenance and checks, especially in areas prone to water ingress, can help avoid these problems in the future. If troubleshooting does not resolve the issue, consulting a professional mechanic is advisable for a comprehensive diagnosis and repair.

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