composite door slam lock problems

The Winkhaus AV3 locking system, commonly used in composite front doors, is renowned for its security and reliability. However, installation issues can lead to operational problems, such as misaligned latches and deadbolts. This article discusses common issues with the Winkhaus AV3 system in composite doors and potential solutions.

Problem: Misalignment of Latches and Deadbolts

A key concern reported by homeowners involves the latches and deadbolts of the Winkhaus AV3 system not engaging correctly due to misalignment with the keeps in the door frame.

Symptoms and Concerns

  1. Middle Latch Not Engaging: The middle latch of the door doesn’t engage properly.
  2. Deadbolt Not Fully Engaging: The deadbolt doesn’t fully engage into the keep, hitting the front of the keep instead.
  3. Incorrect Positioning of Keeps: Measurements indicate that the top and bottom locking hooks only go halfway into the recesses of the keeps and do not hook over the bottom lip as they should.
  4. Potential Security and Insurance Issues: Incorrect fitting of the locking system could compromise door security and potentially affect future insurance claims.

Potential Solutions

  1. Assessing the Installation: Verify if the keeps for the locking hooks are indeed installed too low. This can be done by measuring the distance between the keeps and the corresponding hooks on the door.
    • Solution: If the keeps are indeed misplaced, they will need to be repositioned to align correctly with the door lock.
  2. Correcting the Keeps Alignment: If the keeps are found to be misaligned:
    • Solution: The installer should adjust the keeps to ensure proper engagement of the hooks and deadbolt. This process involves unscrewing the keeps, realigning them, and then screwing them back into place.
  3. Avoiding Cosmetic Damage: Concerns about potential cosmetic damage from repositioning the keeps are valid.
    • Solution: A skilled installer can usually reposition the keeps without leaving noticeable damage. However, if the misalignment is significant, some cosmetic repair may be necessary.
  4. Consulting the Manufacturer or Installer: If there’s uncertainty about the door’s installation or the keeps’ positioning:
    • Solution: Consult the door manufacturer or the professional installer for guidance. They can provide insights into whether the issue is a manufacturing defect or an installation error.
  5. Documentation and Photos: Document the current state of the door, keeps, and locking mechanism.
    • Solution: Take clear photos showing the misalignment. These can be helpful if you need to discuss the issue with the installer or the manufacturer.

Additional Considerations

  1. Professional Reinstallation: If the door requires significant adjustments, it may be best to have it professionally reinstalled.
  2. Warranty and Insurance: Check the door’s warranty and your home insurance policy. Installation issues might be covered under warranty, and any changes to the locking mechanism could affect your insurance.
  3. Safety First: Ensure that any adjustments made do not compromise the door’s structural integrity and security.


Correct alignment of the locking mechanism in composite doors with the Winkhaus AV3 system is crucial for security and functionality. Homeowners should ensure that the latches, hooks, and deadbolts align properly with the keeps in the door frame. In cases of misalignment, professional adjustment is recommended. Taking proactive steps to address these issues can prevent security vulnerabilities and potential complications with insurance claims.

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