kenwood fridge freezer problems

Kenwood fridge freezers, like any household appliance, can experience problems over time. One such issue that seems to be quite common among users is related to the Display Control Panel. This article aims to outline the problem, share experiences from various users, and suggest potential solutions.

Problem: Erratic Display Control Panel Behavior

  1. Symptoms:
    • The Display Control Panel changes fridge temperature settings randomly, turns off the ice maker, activates child lock, etc.
    • This problem typically arises after around 2-2.5 years of usage.
  2. User Experiences:
    • Several users have reported similar issues, indicating a pattern rather than isolated incidents.
    • Attempts to contact customer service (e.g., Currys) have often resulted in being asked for payment as the appliance is out of warranty.

Potential Solutions and Tips

  1. DIY Fixes:
    • Waiting for the panel to go dormant and then pressing the required button might temporarily resolve the issue.
    • For some, this has allowed them to reset temperatures and other settings.
  2. Consider Wiring Issues:
    • One user noted that problems with the display could be due to wiring damage, particularly around the top hinge of the fridge freezer.
  3. Getting Professional Help:
    • Contacting Kenwood or the retailer (like Currys) for support is advisable.
    • A professional diagnostic may be needed to ascertain if it’s a manufacturing fault.
  4. Collecting User Experiences:
    • Compiling similar cases may help demonstrate a manufacturing/design flaw, potentially obligating the seller to offer a free repair or replacement.
  5. Seeking Written Reports:
    • Obtaining a written report from a professional that confirms a manufacturing fault might compel the retailer to address the issue without cost.
  6. Exploring Legal Options:
    • In cases where customer service is unhelpful, and a manufacturing defect is suspected, exploring consumer rights and legal options may be necessary.


The issues with Kenwood fridge freezers, particularly concerning the Display Control Panel, point towards a potential recurring fault in these models. While short-term fixes can provide temporary relief, the problem often requires professional intervention. Users encountering such issues should consider reaching out to Kenwood, the retailer, or a professional technician for a more permanent solution. In cases of widespread defects, collective action from affected consumers might prompt a more favorable response from manufacturers or retailers. Remember, understanding your rights as a consumer can be crucial in such scenarios.

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