Little Al’s Urban Farm

Little Al’s Urban Farm is a charming and intimate working farm, just a short journey from Eastham Country Park. It’s a hidden gem that families in the Wirral can visit without having to spend a penny. The farm is open to everyone, making it an ideal place for a day out with the kids, full of learning and laughter.

The farm is home to a delightful array of animals that will capture the hearts of visitors. Kids can marvel at the colorful peacocks, chuckle at the ducks, and learn about the different breeds of chickens. They can also get up close with pigs, goats, and even miniature horses. It’s an opportunity to teach children about different animals in a fun and engaging setting.

For a small fee, you can purchase feed from the Coffee Shop, giving little ones the chance to interact with the animals even more closely. Feeding the animals is not only fun but also a learning opportunity, and the proceeds from the feed go back into caring for the animals, which is a nice bonus.

Beyond animal encounters, Little Al’s Urban Farm offers a variety of play equipment. Slides and playhouses are sure to be a hit, providing the perfect outlet for kids to burn off some energy. These play areas encourage physical activity and imagination, ensuring that the farm provides a well-rounded visit with both educational and recreational benefits.

If you’re looking for a way to spend an hour or so after school, the farm is a fantastic choice. It’s an excellent spot for children to unwind and play in a safe and enjoyable environment. The farm’s location also makes it convenient to pair a visit with a trip to Eastham Country Park, making for a full day of exploration and adventure.

At Little Al’s Urban Farm, you’ll find snacks available for purchase, and while picnics aren’t allowed due to the free admission policy, there’s plenty of treats to enjoy. The farm is an excellent after-school activity, providing a change of pace from the usual playground routine.

In summary, Little Al’s Urban Farm is a quaint and delightful destination for families seeking a simple yet fulfilling experience. It’s a place where kids can laugh, learn, and play in the company of friendly animals and in the beauty of nature. If you’re near the Wirral and looking for a spot that offers both fun and education for your children, Little Al’s Urban Farm is well worth a visit.

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