mira platinum wireless controller problems

The Mira Platinum digital shower offers a luxurious showering experience with its advanced features, including a wireless remote control. However, users have reported a recurring issue with the display of the wireless controller. This article aims to understand this problem and provide potential explanations and solutions.

Problem: Wireless Controller Display Turning Off


  • The wireless controller display for the Mira Platinum digital shower turns off shortly after the shower starts, instead of dimming as expected.
  • Users can see the temperature and clock for a few seconds before the display shuts off, requiring button presses to reactivate it.
  • Replacement controllers exhibit the same behavior, indicating a possible design feature or software issue.

Potential Explanations and Solutions

  1. Battery Life Preservation: One theory is that Mira might have adjusted the controller’s settings to conserve battery life, possibly in response to previous battery issues.
    • Solution: While not ideal, this approach does extend the controller’s battery life. Users may need to adjust their expectations or periodically press a button to view the display.
  2. Software Design: The controller’s behavior may be a result of the software design, which could prioritize energy efficiency over constant display.
    • Solution: Checking for software updates or contacting Mira for clarification could provide insights. If it’s a software issue, a firmware update might resolve it.
  3. Manual Misinterpretation: There might be a discrepancy between the user manual’s description and the actual functionality of the controller.
    • Solution: Mira could consider updating their manuals to reflect the controller’s actual behavior, reducing user confusion.

Additional Considerations

  1. Engineer Consultation: While Mira’s suggestion to send an engineer could clarify the issue, it comes with the risk of a service charge if no fault is found.
  2. Quality of Experience: Despite this display issue, users generally express satisfaction with the overall performance and quality of the Mira Platinum shower system.
  3. Feedback to Manufacturer: Users experiencing this issue could collectively provide feedback to Mira, potentially prompting a review or reconsideration of the controller’s design.


The display issue with the Mira Platinum wireless controller, where it turns off rather than dimming, appears to be a common experience among users. While this behavior may be a design choice to enhance battery life or due to a software design aspect, it does lead to some user inconvenience. Communication with Mira for clarification and potential software updates could offer a resolution. Despite this minor setback, the Mira Platinum digital shower system continues to be highly regarded for its quality and functionality.

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