mira shower mixer problems

Mira Excel bath shower mixers are known for their quality and durability. However, users sometimes face challenges with water temperature regulation. This article aims to explore a common issue with these mixers where the water fails to heat up properly, offering potential causes and solutions.

The Problem: Inconsistent Water Temperature

A Mira Excel shower mixer suddenly providing only lukewarm water is a common concern among users. The issue typically presents as the shower failing to produce hot water, even when the temperature control is fully turned to ‘hot.’ This problem can occur intermittently, with the shower returning to normal temperature on some days and then reverting to tepid water on others.

Initial Checks and Actions

  1. Examining the Shower Unit: As a first step, following the manufacturer’s instructions to disassemble and inspect the shower is crucial. Checking the filters for blockages and looking for signs of limescale or other debris inside the unit can often identify obvious problems.
  2. Temporary Solutions: Turning off the cold inlet to control the shower temperature directly via the boiler is a temporary workaround. This approach can confirm that the boiler is capable of delivering hot water, indicating that the issue lies with the shower unit itself.

Potential Causes of the Problem

  1. Changes in Cold Water Pressure: Fluctuations in cold water pressure can impact the mixer’s ability to correctly balance hot and cold water. This can result in varying water temperatures.
  2. Internal Faults in the Mixer: An internal fault within the mixer, not necessarily visible during a basic inspection, could cause inconsistent water temperature.
  3. Boiler Issues: Although less likely, especially if other hot water outlets in the home are working correctly, issues with the boiler should not be completely ruled out.

Engaging Professional Help

  1. Warranty Coverage: If the unit is still under warranty, as in this case, arranging for a professional engineer’s visit is advisable. However, the possibility of a callout fee if no fault is found can be a deterrent.
  2. Describing the Issue to the Engineer: Providing a detailed account of the issue, including any temporary fixes and observations, can be helpful. This information might assist the engineer in diagnosing intermittent or subtle problems.
  3. Seeking a Second Opinion: If the issue persists after the engineer’s visit, or if you’re unsatisfied with the diagnosis, seeking a second opinion from another professional could be beneficial.

Possible Solutions

  1. Adjusting the Maximum Control Setting: Tweaking the maximum control setting, as done by the user in this case, can sometimes recalibrate the mixer and resolve the issue.
  2. Replacing Faulty Parts: If a specific component of the mixer is identified as faulty, replacing that part can often fix the issue.
  3. Comprehensive Cleaning or Descale: If limescale or debris is found during the inspection, a thorough cleaning or descaling of the mixer might be required.


Inconsistent water temperature in a Mira Excel bath shower mixer can be frustrating, but with a systematic approach, the issue is often resolvable. Starting with basic checks and inspections, followed by professional assessment if necessary, can lead to identifying and fixing the problem. It’s important to consider all potential causes, from mixer faults to external factors like water pressure, to ensure a lasting solution. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to changes in performance can prevent similar issues in the future.

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