Nant Mill Country Park and Plas Power Woods

If you’re on the lookout for a day trip that’s both free and filled with the beauty of nature, Nant Mill Country Park and Plas Power Woods in Wrexham is a treasure waiting to be discovered. This vast woodland area, spanning over 100 acres, is nestled snugly in the Clywedog valley, a short hop from the hustle of Wrexham.

This is a place where families can wander through time, walking trails that weave between two woodlands. Along these trails, you’ll come across an array of wooden carved insects, spots brimming with wildlife, and several waterfalls that will make your walk both refreshing and delightful. The area is rich with features like a ford and a weir, offering up lessons in nature’s power and beauty.

The park is a hit with children thanks to the adventure playground. It’s a space where they can climb, swing, and let their imaginations soar in the great outdoors. And for those who love to bring their furry friends along, dogs are welcome too, making it a day out that truly caters to the whole family.

You can step into a bit of local history at the Nant Mill Visitors Centre. Built way back in 1832, the center gives families a chance to learn about the Clywedog Valley’s past. It’s a fascinating journey that adds depth to the natural splendor of the area. Although refreshments and activities for kids are available only at certain times, the experience of exploring is a treat in itself.

Picnicking here is a unique experience, with beautifully carved wooden thrones that offer a regal touch to your lunch on the river’s edge. It’s these details that make a visit to Nant Mill Country Park and Plas Power Woods feel special.

For an adventure that won’t cost you a penny and provides a full day’s worth of exploration, this spot in North Wales is a gem. Whether you’re in it for the history, the scenic walks, or the chance to watch your kids play and learn, Nant Mill Country Park and Plas Power Woods is a place that’s sure to fill your day with joy.

So why not pack a lunch, lace up your walking shoes, and set off on a family adventure that’ll give you a fresh appreciation for the great outdoors? With its welcoming trails, historic backdrop, and child-friendly amenities, Nant Mill Country Park and Plas Power Woods is waiting to be part of your family’s story.

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