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The integration of smart home technologies like the Hive thermostat with various heating systems can sometimes lead to compatibility challenges. This article focuses on addressing issues encountered when connecting a Hive thermostat to a Navien boiler, particularly the Navien NCB-34WDLE model.

Issue: Hive Thermostat Not Controlling Hot Water in Navien Boiler

Homeowners have reported that while the Hive thermostat can control central heating, it fails to manage hot water settings in the Navien boiler. This issue has been observed especially when the Hive system is connected through an OpenTherm gateway.

Understanding the Problem

  1. Compatibility Issues: The lack of hot water control indicates a compatibility issue between the Hive thermostat (connected via OpenTherm) and the Navien boiler.
  2. Specific Firmware and Controller Requirements: Different firmware versions on the Hive and specific controller models may affect how these devices interact.

Potential Solutions

  1. Firmware Update: Ensure that both the Hive thermostat and the Navien boiler are running on the latest firmware versions. Sometimes, an update can resolve compatibility issues.
  2. Consultation with Manufacturers: Contact both Honeywell (Hive’s manufacturer) and Navien for advice on compatibility and potential firmware updates that might address the issue.
  3. Alternative Connection Methods: If the problem persists, consider using a different connection method instead of OpenTherm, such as a standard relay box. This may limit functionality but can provide a stable workaround.
  4. Professional Assistance: Seek help from a professional technician who has experience with smart thermostat installations, particularly those involving OpenTherm technology.

Additional Considerations

  1. Research on Hive and Navien Integration: Before attempting any fixes, research thoroughly on how the Hive system integrates with Navien boilers. Look for any existing solutions or advice from other users who have successfully integrated these systems.
  2. Testing Different Settings: Experiment with different settings on the Hive thermostat to see if any adjustments can make the system work as intended.
  3. Use of Third-Party Solutions: In some cases, third-party solutions or add-ons can bridge compatibility gaps. However, these should be approached with caution and ideally under professional guidance.
  4. Awareness of Limitations: Understand that some features available in the Hive system, especially when used with OpenTherm, may not be fully compatible with all boiler models.


Integrating the Hive thermostat with Navien boilers, specifically through an OpenTherm gateway, can present challenges, particularly regarding hot water control. While firmware updates and manufacturer consultations can offer solutions, sometimes alternative connection methods or professional assistance might be necessary. Homeowners should be aware of the limitations and potential compatibility issues when setting up smart home heating systems, ensuring they have the most up-to-date information and support for their specific models.

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